Monday, September 17, 2007

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The first NOVA scienceNOW episode premiered on January 25, 2005. It included segments on the "booming sands" of Death Valley, a profile of "swarm-robot" pioneer James McLurkin, and a special report on the brain structures called "mirror neurons," which may affect everything from language evolution to the visceral appeal of spectator sports. Later installments have covered everything from stem cells to hydrogen fuel cells, from T. rex to the ivory-billed woodpecker, from surgery on pet fish to frogs that freeze solid in winter.

Site Review

NOVA Is a sciences related  site that shows videos  regarding guessed it SCIENCE!

If your a fan of dinosaurs,chickens and frozen frogs, then you will enjoy NOVA

Last Thoughts:

This site was definitely  interesting, I personally do not follow the science world
especially not in my movies...  unless that movie is about
giant dinosaurs eating people. but as far as the video site goes, it is  a great site


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